Grants for School Uniforms

Do you know how to get a grant towards the cost of your children’s school uniforms?

Do you know if you are eligible to claim grants for your children’s school uniforms?

There is no legal requirement for local councils or schools to provide help with school uniforms. Dorset County Council no longer administers a school uniform grant. Any help available is now through the individual schools and many do offer assistance. Guidance to schools is that all schools should have a uniform policy which does not exclude any family. Schemes to offer assistance should be widely publicised and clearly explained in the literature provided by the school. If unsure, parents should ask the school to which their child goes (or will go in September) what their policy is. Each school has its own discretion on how much and to whom grants will be given.

One of the roles of Citizens Advice Bureaux is to find out from our clients how well local policies are working for people in the area. We can only do this if you tell us of your experiences, good and bad, of trying to apply for these grants. All information is totally confidential.

Please let our Citizens Advice Bureau know:

What was your experience in trying to find out about these grants, applying for them, and the amount (if any) you received?

Do you have any suggestions of how it could work better?

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