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2014 Activities

17 August Teas At Wimborne St Giles

Wimborne St Giles Village Hall, BH21 5LX - 3-5pm

The Friends served teas as part of Village Hall programme of Sunday and Bank Holiday teas for charities.

It was a very successful day for the Teas at Wimborne St. Giles on Sunday, 17th August. This was the first time we were able to have a Sunday instead of August bank holiday Monday, and we made a total of £494 - the highest amount ever. The weather was fine too, and John Rynne and his team had an exceptionally busy afternoon. This is a very helpful addition to Bureaux funds.

28 June Rotary Swimathon at Canford School

Teams of swimmers competed in this sponsored swim to raise funds for the Friends. Thanks for supporting our teams.

December Santa Fun Run

The Santa Fun Run in December 2014 was very successful, and participants raised £901.02 for Friends of EDCAB.

2013 Activities

5 December 2013 Rotary Santa Fun Run
Badbury Rings.
5 October 2013 Concert by the Poole & Parkstone Singers
Wimborne Methodist Church

26 August 2013 Teas At Wimborne St Giles
31 August 2013 Swimathon at Canford School
30 March 2013 Live Jive

Tickets sold out for this popular event at Corfe Mullen Village Hall. Live music was provided by Catalyst, supported by DJ Vince, and the evening raised £1,560, including matched funding from Barclays Bank.

2011-12 Activities

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16 December 2012 Wimborne Rotary Santa Fun Run

A group of 12 intrepid santas once again raised £1,054 for the Friends.

9 March 2012 Friends Tenth Anniversary

Lord Cranborne joined the Friends of EDCAB at the Model Village in Wimborne, to celebrate their first Ten Years of successful fund raising. Lord Cranborne is the patron of the Friends group which has raised over £84,000 during the last decade.

20 December 2011 Sponsored CAB Santa Bike Ride

Tony Molloy cycled round all the East Dorset CAB offices and outreaches, taking just three hours. He has raised around £130, and you can still donate to this event on his web page.

Xmas 2011 Bike Ride
11 December 2011 Wimborne Rotary Santa Fun Run 11 December

Seven intrepid, sponsored CAB santas ran for fun at Badbury Rings, raising over £500. They are, from left to right: Chris Isaac, Joan Taylor, Rachel Green, George Temple, Pat Temple, Richard and Ruth Bush.

2011 Santas
28 October 2011 Call My Bluff

The Call My Bluff evening was held on Friday, 28 October at Corfe Mullen Village Hall. This was an old theme with a new twist. The Call My Bluff team who come from Stalbridge bring with them some unusual items. There are three members of the team, A, B and C, and each will tell you what they think the item is. Each member of the audience has to write down which of A, B or C gives the correct description. Fourteen items were described, and the highest score achieved was 7!

The event was attended by 45 people, who enjoyed the evening and requested a return visit. It raised £190 for the CAB, and the Call My Bluff team charged £40 which goes to the Weld Hospice in Dorchester. To date, they have raised £11,000.

If you were unable to come this time, perhaps we will see you at next year's repeat event which has been booked for 19 October 2012 at the Corfe Mullen Village Hall again.

April-May 2011 Teas at The Glade

Sunday the 17th April saw the start of another “Glade Experience” where surrounded by woodland, colourful azaleas, rhododendrons and the humming of bees and the scent of roses our cheerful band of helpers for four Sundays sold teas to many hundreds of visitors who visited this delightful corner of Ferndown owned by Mary and Roger Angus.

The sun shone on their efforts and to the cry of “is there honey still for tea but no there is plenty of cake” the visitors gladly relished the refreshments. In the kitchen accompanied by the continual washing of china, mathematical discussions were held as to the size of cake slices to be cut!

The garden is opened under the National Gardens Scheme, which raises money for various charities. Those of us who help enjoy doing so, and this year we raised £727 for the Bureau. Thank you to those who made the cakes. If you wish to enjoy the "Glade Experience" do think about volunteering next year.

Teas at The Glade
More Teas at The Glade
April 2011 Antique Antics with Eric Knowles

For our main fundraising event this year we decided to try something completely different and it turned out to be a most interesting evening.

Antiques expert Eric Knowles started off the evening by valuing “antiques” bought by people attending and picked out various items which he talked about and valued in the second half of the evening. He gave a most informative and amusing talk in the first half, not only on his work in the antiques world but also about his family, and showed various slides relating to what he was talking about.

Eric Knowles generously gave a copy of his book as a raffle prize and the lucky winner had it personally signed by him at the end of the evening.

We are grateful to the local companies who gave us sponsorship for this event, which was well publicised in local press and in a window display at the Tourist Information Bureau, who kindly sold the tickets for the event. Those who attended had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Queueing for Eric Knowles
Queueing for Eric Knowles
Queueing for Eric Knowles
19 January 2011 Lady Captain of Canford Magna Golf Club Presents Funds Raised Last Year

Jenny James, Lady Captain of the Canford Magna Golf Club in 2010, chose East Dorset Citizens Advice Bureau as the charity for the ladies section of the club to support during her term of office. She said that during the 9 years that she had been a volunteer advisor at the bureau she'd seen how much help it gives to people in the local community, and the cause had become very dear to her heart.

She presented a cheque for £921.10 to Diann March, Chairman of The Friends of East Dorset CAB. This money was raised though raffles, cake and book sales, and donations. Diann commented that this money is very welcome, particularly as the local CABs get no government funding for their voluntary work, and so rely heavily on donations such as this.

Jenny James Donation

2010 Activities

12 December 2010 Wimborne Rotary Santa Fun Run 2010

We had six Santas taking part in the Santa Fun Run at Badbury Rings. The weather was ideal - relatively mild and bright and sunny - but despite this there was still a bit of snow on the far side of the course. Our Santas all enjoyed the event, and are now collecting their sponsorship money which we estimate will be £462. The heavily disguised Santas in our picture were (left to right) Joan Taylor (Treasurer of The Friends of EDCAB), Gillian Dawson (Employment Specialist), her husband Adrian, Tony Molloy (Bureau Manager), Pat Temple (Advice Services Manager) and her son George.

  Here is Tony Molloy's personal report on the event.

Along with five other mad colleagues clad in full Santa suits (including beards) I lined up on a rather cold and frosty Sunday morning in mid-December to tackle the annual Santa Fun Run, which I felt was a strange name because I didn’t anticipate a lot of running, and certainly not much fun!

On a course that involved circling the Badbury Point-to-Point Course twice I was relieved only to hear that we didn’t actually have to negotiate the fences. Following a half-hearted warm-up led by a presenter from BBC Radio Solent whose name escapes me, I resolved to start at the back of the field and use the first circuit to ‘ease’ myself into what would be my first race for more years than I care to remember.

I needn’t have worried, the field quickly divided itself up into those ‘hares’ who departed at a frightening and frankly, given the underfoot conditions, dangerous pace, and those ‘tortoises’ who had no intention of doing anything other than walking the entire 4 miles. I thus found myself somewhere in the middle of a ribbon of red and white clad entrants of all shapes and sizes marvelling at the eccentricities of this island nation that leads us to do such things.

In a relatively short, and surprisngly pain-free time it was all over and I found myself smiling at my fellow competitors and exchanging notes on ‘that frozen bit down at the bottom of the field’. I was amazed – I’d enjoyed it, and I’d helped to raise some money for the Bureau. It hadn’t been at all what I had expected. I’ve kept the Santa suit and who knows I might even do it again this year........

November 2010 Swimathon 2010

There was a new venue for the Swimathon this year. Canford School has a lovely, modern pool in which we had the luxury of one lane per team. Two teams were entered supporting the Friends and although we didn’t do the most lengths on the day we had fun and felt that we had pushed our swimming skills to their farthest extent. We were encouraged in our endeavours by the promise of supper cooked by Gillian Dawson who had to complete her quota of lengths early in order to prepare it. We are grateful to everyone who sponsored us and for the excellent supper.

How was the money raised in 2009/10?

We raised £11,500 during 2009/10.

We are very grateful to all our subscribing members and sponsors (particularly Barclays Bank for their contribution to our Jazz evening), and to those who donated, or helped with fund raising events during the year.

Here is a breakdown of how the money was raised.

Friends Income Pie Chart

2009 Activities

14 January 2009 Bridge Day

The Bridge Day hosted by Katie Norman on 14th January was a great success. 48 people played bridge at her home in Sturminster Marshal and all enjoyed themselves immensely. Katie provided a superb lunch and ran a raffle. She was ably assisted by her old CAB colleagues, Chris P, Jan D-C, and Chris I and his wife. The day raised £645 for the CAB funds.

April-June 2009 The Glade, a woodland garden in Ferndown created by Mary and Roger Angus, was again open under the National Garden Scheme on four Sundays in April / May / June. At their invitation, the Friends of EDCAB sold refreshments to the visitors and raised a total of £818, the highest figure in the four years in which the garden has been open. This was partly due to particularly good weather on most of the days, but also to increased publicity, including the garden being featured in a Spring edition of Dorset Life magazine.

Here are some photos taken when the garden was open.

garden 1
garden 2
garden 3
8 May 2009 Cranborne Jazz Evening

A very enjoyable evening with the Chicago Jazz Aces at Cranborne Village Hall in May raised a total of £1214, including Barclays Bank's generous sponsorship.

The band
The Band
Musical Food
Musical Food
Sponsored t-shirtsThe Happy Band!
Sponsored t-shirts
on Fiona Wilkinson, Derek Gorman, and Joan Taylor
August Bank Holiday Monday 2009 Wimborne St Giles Teas

This was the third year this event has been held and money raised exceeded the previous 2 years, netting £304.

The weather improved as the afternoon progressed, as did the event in general. As always, there had been a wonderful turn out of Friends and advisers to offer support, so that at first the helpers outnumbered the customers. But before long we were all rushed off our feet; barely able to keep up with demand.

Two small complaints were received – some took a dim view that the crusts had been cut off the sandwiches and other thought that there weren’t enough meringues! We’ll try to do better on both counts next year – yes, it will all happen again next year, folks, be there or be square!!

2008 Activities

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2007-8 How was the money raised in 2007/8?

We contributed £12,000 to East Dorset CAB during 2007/8 !

We are very grateful to all our sponsors and subscribing members, and those who donated, or helped with fund raising events during the year.

Here is a breakdown of how the money was raised, and you can find reports of the events below.

Gift Aid on subscriptions and donations£386.74
Swimathon (as a chosen charity in 2006/7)£4,441.70
Jazz Evening (incl.£750 from Barclays Bank)£1,637.66
Fashion Show£1,144.73
Teas at Open Garden (5 occasions)£699.32
Polar Exposure Film Show£423.43
Book Sales£384.15
Wimborne St.Giles Teas£261.65
Street Collections£182.29
Coffee Mornings (2 occasions)£136.29
Christmas Cards£47.60
Transferred to East Dorset CAB£12,000.00
16 January 2008 Polar Exposure

Supporters of two charities were treated to a superb film of the polar regions in a recent event at the Coade Hall. The film showed video footage shot by its presenters Joe and Sharon Jones, during visits to Antarctica, Svalbard and a voyage through the notorious Northwest Passage.

These highly acclaimed photographers generously gave their time and wonderful photography for a joint fundraising event for two charities: the CGD Research Trust (which began the Jeans for Genes campaign) and the Friends of East Dorset Citizens Advice Bureaux (EDCAB). Both charities are based in Dorset and EDCAB provides an Advice-line for those affected by CGD, a rare genetic blood disorder.

The event included wine and a raffle with a stunning photo from the film donated by the presenters as first prize. The evening raised £845 which was shared between the 2 charities.

Polar bears
Polar bears
Joe and Sharon Jones present the winning raffle prize to Averil Cubitt
Joe and Sharon Jones present the winning raffle prize to Averil Cubitt
9 May 2008 Cranborne Jazz Rolls On !

"A great evening", "fantastic music", "lovely atmosphere", "please do it again next year" were just a few of the many positive comments made by those who attended this years Cranborne Jazz event.

The event continues to be very successful both with those who attend - 70% of people were returning because they had enjoyed the event in  previous years; and with the Friends of CAB in terms of fundraising. The overall sum raised this year was £1507. The organisers are particularly grateful to Barclays who sponsor the event and make a significant contribution to its financial success.

The band
The Band
Diann March and Rosemarie Rymer
Diann March and Rosemarie Rymer
Everyone's having fun
Everyone's having fun
Derek Gorman, Barclays
Derek Gorman, Barclays
April-June 2008 The Glade, a woodland garden in Ferndown created by Mary and Roger Angus, was again open under the National Garden Scheme on four Sundays in April / May / June. At their invitation, the Friends of EDCAB sold refreshments to the visitors and raised a total of £557.
The weather this year was good, and on most days the teas were served al fresco. Here is a gallery of photos taken during the delightful weather on 8th June.
garden 1
garden 2
garden 3
garden 4
garden 5
garden 6
6 June 2008 Ferndown Street Collection

The Friends set up a display about the CAB outside Tesco's in Ferndown for the morning of Friday 6th June. They answered questions about the bureau and the services available, and received just over £90 in donations. Many thanks to all who helped and donated.

25 August 2008 Teas at Wimborne St Giles

On the afternoon of the August Bank Holiday we again served teas at Wimborne St Giles. The weather wasn't as good as it had been the previous time we were there., but nonetheless, we were pleased to raise £185

4 October 2008 Coffee Morning

We held a Coffee Morning in the annexe to the Wimborne Bureau, and raised £85 through a tombola and sales of coffee, cakes and books

15 November 2008 On Saturday 15th November a team representing East Dorset CAB swam in the Rotary Club of Wimborne Swimathon.
CAB advisers and other supporters have generously donated sponsorship, at present about £250, a quarter of which will go to CAB funds.  Some of our regular swimmers have turned this into an annual social event, followed by a meal at Gillian and Adrian's.  If anyone wants to join us next year, the requirements are the ability to keep afloat for a couple of lengths at a time (ie anyone who won't sink) and willingness to raise sponsorship.
Our Team
Our Team
Left to right: Charles Woollin, Adrian Dawson, Giselle Thornton, Mick Petch, Helen Kanolik, Phil Edmonson
5 December 2008 Rejoice and be Merry - Concert held in the Wimborne Methodist Church on Friday 5th December

In 1968 the Citizens Advice service in Wimborne started in the vestry of the Methodist Church in the town. Demand for the service soon forced the CAB to move to its own premises, initially in Church Street and then in 1990 to the current premises in Hanham Road.

The 40th anniversary of this initial service was commemorated in December 2008 by a concert in the Methodist Church, with the proceeds being shared between the CAB and the Church. Every seat was taken for the performance given by the Wimborne and Ferndown singers and their friends. We are very grateful to all the performers, and especially to Teresa Ford who conducted the choir and arranged the whole concert. Everyone agreed that it was a most enjoyable evening, and the audience were very generous with their donations as they left. The Methodist Church has now very kindly given their share of the £525 proceeds to the CAB, to help us continue to provide the service for many more years to come, so we are very grateful to them as well.

2007 Activities

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28 February A drop-in Coffee morning was held in the training room of the Wimborne bureau to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the formation of the Friends of East Dorset CAB. Many supporters including Cllr Alex Clarke, Chairman of East Dorset District Council, Cllr Robin Cook, Mayor of Wimborne Minster and Cllr Jane Russell, Mayor of Verwood, came along to help celebrate the occasion, and were delighted to learn that £35,653 had been raised by The Friends in those 5 years.
Pam surveys the books
Pam surveys the books
Celebration cake
Celebration cake
Chairman of Friends Diann March and Town Mayor Robin Cook
Chairman of Friends Diann March and Town Mayor Robin Cook
Chairman of the District Alex Clarke cuts the cake
Chairman of the District Alex Clarke cuts the cake
21 April A Coffee Morning was held at the home of committee member Don Symonds in Furzehill, and £62 was raised.
April-June The Glade, a woodland garden in Ferndown created by Mary and Roger Angus, was open under the National Garden Scheme on four Sundays in April / May / June, and at their invitation The Friends of EDCAB sold refreshments to the visitors. A local Mothers' Union also had a private evening visit, with a talk about the CAB and a conducted tour of the garden, and gave a donation to the CAB. Despite torrential rain and hence low visitor numbers on two of the Sundays, a total of £699 was raised.
May Swimathon - In May the Rotary Club of Wimborne presented a cheque for £4,441.70 to the Chairman of The Friends of East Dorset CAB. We had been most fortunate to have been one of the three chosen charities to benefit from their 2006 Swimathon.
18 May A Jazz Evening was held in the Cecil Memorial Hall at Cranborne. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and several commented that they hoped we'd run another one next year. The evening raised £887, and this figure has been supplemented by a further £750 through the Barclays employee matched funding, making £1,637 in total.
9-10 June The annexe to the Wimborne bureau was open for second hand book sales during the weekend of the Wimborne Folk Festival. Over 300 books changed hands and £94.40 was raised.
14 July A street collection was held in Ferndown. Staff and volunteers in the bureau answered questions about the range of topics and services provided, and the funding of the CAB, and received donations from members of the public. £182 was raised.
  Post script: This money was used to replace the faded Ferndown CAB sign.
CAB Staff and a Visitor
CAB Staff and a Generous Visitor
The new sign
Our shiny new Ferndown sign
5 August Friends Committee member Dana Procter hosted a lunch time BBQ in glorious weather in her garden in Hinton Martell, and raised £334 for the bureau.
All served
All served
Tucking in
Tucking in
Back for more?
Back for more?
27 August Bank Holiday Monday. We served teas at the Village Hall, Wimborne St Giles between about 2 pm and 5 pm. We enjoyed meeting everyone, and proceeds of almost £250 went to Friends of East Dorset CAB.
13 October Visitors to the coffee morning were spoilt for choice with the wonderful array of cakes made by several of The Friends. It was good to see many new faces there as well as many regular supporters of Friends events. As the event was in Church House in the centre of Wimborne quite a few passers-by dropped in, and while they were enjoying their coffee and cake we took the opportunity to talk to them about the role of the CAB. The event raised £74 for The Friends.
All set
Ready .. Steady ...
... Go!
6 November GLAMOUR GALORE hit the Landmarc in Bournemouth, when a fashion show was held in aid of East Dorset CAB on 6th November. A lovely and sucessful evening was had by all and £1,100 was raised for the Bureau. Emma and Kellyanne of LMP, the event organisers, worked very hard to make this event the success that it was. We had some very generous gifts for the raffle and auction, and Hilary Forrest, Bureau Manager, even got her first walk on a catwalk! Thanks also go to all who helped with the sale of raffle tickets.
17 November On Saturday 17th November two teams representing East Dorset CAB swam in the Rotary Club of Wimborne Swimathon. The teams were made up not only of some staff and volunteers of the bureau, but also of friends and family members whose support was greatly appreciated.
Between them the teams swam more than 180 lengths of the QE pool and raised about £600 for the nominated charities. One quarter of the money raised will go to the Friends of CAB.
Pat"s team
Pat's team - "The Bureau"
Left to right: Christine Orange, Don Symonds, James Baker, Paul Brooks, George Temple, Pat Temple
Gillian's team
Gillian's team - "Cabaret"
Left to right: Gillian Dawson, Mick Petch, Adrian Dawson, Charles Woollin, Naomi Dawson, Helen Kanolik