Your Right to Complain

Have You A Complaint About The CAB Service?. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the CAB Service, please let us know. We welcome complaints because they help up to improve our service and correct mistakes. We treat all complaints seriously and we deal with them promptly.

We keep complaints confidential. Our advice records and our complaints records are kept completely separate.

If you've got a complaint, you have a choice of ways to get it sorted out.

We will write to acknowledge your complaint within five working days, telling you what action is being taken, who is dealing with your complaint and when you can expect to receive a full reply. Every effort will be made to complete the investigation within the next twenty working days. If it takes longer, we will keep you informed of progress.

Complaint Form

Please give us as much detail as you can, including date and time and who was involved. Please also say what you would like us to do in response to this complaint. Ask for any help you need to complete this form.

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