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L to R:
Volunteer Advisers - Brian Kinge, Robbie Morgan, Chris Isaac;
Manager - Hilary Forrest, Friends' Chair - Diann March;
Volunteer Advisers - Joan Taylor, Mike Lunt

EDCAB celebrated 40 years of service to the community 2008. The Wimborne CAB started as an outpost from Poole, based in the Methodist Church Vestry, and became independent on 19 October 1968 when it moved into its own office at 4 Church St. The move to its present location on Hanham Road took place in November 1990, when the new premises were opened by HRH The Princess Royal. Between those dates it had established another office in Ferndown, becoming East Dorset CAB.

Today there are also outposts in Verwood Library, Heatherlands Community Centre, and at GP surgeries. There are 35 trained volunteer advisers, and many other volunteers including receptionists, IT consultant and Trustees. They are supported by 1 part-time Manager and a small number of part-time paid supervisors and a Money Advice specialist.

Last year EDCAB helped 3085 clients with over 4000 problems. Financial support is provided by East Dorset District Council and other public and local organisations, which is much appreciated, but this funding does not meet all the demand for advice in the District.

If you would like to help make sure EDCAB continues for the next 40 years, and will be there when you or your family and friends need it, why not consider joining the Friends? A modest regular subscription or one-off donation would help. For instance £8 per month (£10 with the benefit of Gift Aid) enables EDCAB to advise 10 residents in situations such as "I’ve lost my job, what do I do now?" "My landlord wants me out"; I can’t manage on my money with everything going up" or "my wife’s disabled – is there any help?"

To donate to EDCAB, please download our tax-efficient Donation Form and send us your donation. You will receive a personal acknowledgement directly from EDCAB, and you will receive news of our future events.